Why Selling Properties with a 3D Tour is an Advantage to Everyone

In marketing a real estate listing, a brilliant strategy is to have something which will benefit all the parties involved – the seller, the agent, and the buyers. Photos make sense in real estate listings, but let’s discuss why that is and what other alternatives are worth incorporating.


Generating Interest & Conveying Information

Beautiful pictures of a home are key to driving initial interest in the property and engaging potential buyers. They impress the sellers, who can rest easy knowing that their home is being presented with gorgeous visual content. Plus, the pictures help agents generate interest in their listings and motivate people to attend their open inspections for a better look.

But as time moves on, so too does the technology we use. Videos are the next logical step, as they can show far more of the property in a short and captivating segment. They take us on a carefully scripted and guided tour through the property, showing a curated selection of the most appealing areas within the property. Videos are good, but 3D Tours are better.


Buyers find Tours more useful than Video content

Virtual tours on property listings are already commonplace, and buyers love them! In fact, a 2017 report found that 50% of home buyers ranked online virtual tours as ‘very useful’ in the home search process1. In that same report, just 26% said the same about video content1. So what does that mean for sellers and their agents?


Agents can Market those listings Worldwide

The reality is this: Buyers don’t want to make a judgement call based purely on the photos of a house. Photos aren’t always the best representation of what the house is like, which is why open inspections exist! But 3D Tours offer a unique advantage for sellers and agents, and that’s the ability to market more efficiently to prospective buyers interstate or overseas.

Once a buyer is interested enough in a property, they still have to take time out of their schedule to visit the property in person. In some cases, this can be costly, and might cut into their work hours. But the biggest issue is that there’s always the chance that as soon as they arrive and look around, they find that it’s not what they expected.

3D Tours allow agents to provide distant buyers with a more realistic and thorough look at the house, on the buyer’s own time. Wherever the buyer may be located, they can inspect every room of the house through the 3D Tour, to see if it has the makings of a home. An agent is provided with the means to sell a property to buyers from all over the globe, and that’s a powerful addition to any digital listing package! Where does that leave our sellers?


Sellers can list with Confidence

All of this information translates to fantastic benefits for the sellers. More attention towards their listings, more people worldwide inspecting their listings, and a faster turnaround for their listings!

Today we’ve discussed how 3D Tours offer advantages in real estate listings for the buyer, the seller, and the agent of each property. In future articles, we’ll explore more features of the platform, as well as some tips and tricks for buying and selling in the world of real estate.

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1 – NAR, 2017