5 Things to Consider Before Selling your House

Selling your home is not an easy process. A lot of thought and preparation is necessary before you take any action. In this post, we’ll explore five meaningful items, tasks, and strategies that you should consider before selling a house to make the process smoother for you.



1 – Find A Great Agent

For many, buying and selling a house is one of the biggest financial decisions they’ll make. Surely you want someone highly skilled and experienced to find you the right buyers? Choosing a great agent is one of the most overlooked steps while selling houses. It’s a big decision, so hold your agent to high standards.

You should always find an agent that you are comfortable with, someone with which you can easily explain what you want and need. A great agent will also have a number of helpful contacts and will actively engage buyers with your property. The only way you’ll know if an agent is good is to have some sort of relative measurement, which is why you should interview a couple of agents before you make your choice. It can be easy to meet with a single agent and settle with them, but it’s far better to have a selection of possible choices to compare between.


2 – Maintain the Space

So having the right agent is great, but it’s worth checking that your property is looking its best before they try to sell it. Have a thorough review of the interior and exterior walls, garden spaces, even the roof if possible. Painting, cleaning, and inspecting the house will be time consuming, but they’re efficient ways to ensure that the house looks its best.

Remember, first impressions are key. If a potential buyer visits and sees that the condition of the property is less than ideal, all they’ll see is mess that they need to deal with. Resolving these issues beforehand is worth the time investment and will make the house far more appealing to buyers.


3 – Find the Right Price

No buyer in the world wants to overpay, and this is doubly so in the world of real estate. If the price isn’t right, many buyers will pass.

You might feel that you should get back every dollar you put in, and that’s a sensible call, but other factors are far more important to the pricing of a property. Buyers in today’s markets are very well informed, with the internet placing information at their fingertips. Think from the buyer’s perspective, and research the market to get an estimate of where homes similar to yours might stand. Be sure to compare general features such as the number of bedrooms, garden space available, and the locale.


4 – Gather Documentation and Information

Gather all the necessary documentation even before a buyer has contacted you. This gives you a professional look by being prepared beforehand and makes the process more efficient for the agent that will be selling your home.

They will appreciate the head start, and you’ll save everyone involved some valuable time.


5 – Request Enhanced Digital Marketing

There’s currently a wide selection of technologies that offer a clear advantage for online listings. Photos are the standard, and have been for years. Although they can feel staged, and don’t always give viewers a complete picture of the location. A video will often go further than photos, since they can show buyers more of each room.

But as we’ve explored in our last post, buyers are finding other options to be more useful.

Depending on the provider, a virtual tour will allow potential buyers to explore the property from all over the globe. Imagine an open inspection that’s always open, and that can be viewed from home. That’s what a virtual tour can provide for your property.


Have a go at some of our example 3D Tours for a demonstration of what they can do, and ask your agent if they can provide a 3D Tour for your listing. Be sure to subscribe to Augment Space today for more tips on how 3D Tours can help you!