What is a 3D tour?
A 3D tour is a virtual reality tour that helps viewers explore a space via their mobile phone, tablet or PC. They can look in all directions by clicking and dragging their mouse and go from room to room with the click of a button. See a sample of 3D tour HERE.

Who would shoot a 3D tour for my listing?
You can shoot one on your own, or have your photographer do it for you. Shooting and creating a basic 3D tour takes less than 10 minutes. We have videos that explain how to do this.

Do I need a special camera for creating 3D tours?
Yes, you do need a special camera. These are commonly known as spherical cameras. A setup would cost you anywhere from $400 to $700. We suggest the Ricoh Theta SC or Ricoh Theta V, which can be bought from your local photography store. If you can’t find it, let us know we will arrange these for you directly from the distributor or overseas. Let’s give first preference to neighbourhood business though.

Can I add the 3D tours to REA, Domain, our website, etc.?
All our tours can be embedded into REA and Domain by simply copy pasting an embed link. Not all 3D tour platforms show up in REA’s image gallery. We have worked tirelessly with REA to get these integrations up to REA’s standard. Properties created with our platform will now show up within the mobile app and on the web app. Each property listed with a 3D tour also gets a 3D icon on the search page. See example HERE

Do you have any testimonials of real estate agents?
Have a look at THIS video.

Why 3D tours over just photos?
Photos are a necessary part of any listing. However, with a 3D tour you’ve essentially immersed the prospect into your property, creating a connection that photos don’t quite reach.

What are the benefits to me?

  • Win more listings! When others can’t conduct opens, you can.
  • Offer a “Virtual” Open House to potential buyers 24 hours a day! You don’t have to worry about getting infected 😉
  • Peak interest in listings by creating a captive audience that looks through the 3D tour over and over again. This is where they plan to live after all. Our stats show a 24% repeat view rate.
  • Added convenience for both you and your clients by reducing 1:1 showings to only serious buyers!
  • Photos only show part of the picture. A 3D Virtual allows you to see everything.
  • Track and analyse daily or weekly traffic reports to see how many people interacted with your 3D tours.