3D Virtual Tour Innovators: Marco Fellegvari & Ray White Hillcrest

In the world of Real Estate, having the right tools at your disposal can be a vital point of difference between your listing and the competition. A 3D Virtual Tour is a powerful tool, and innovators such as the team at Ray White Hillcrest are producing them with tremendous results.


“I truly believe that this is an essential part of my listing kit, because it offers that digital space for my listings” said Marco Fellegvari, Principal and Lead Sales Agent of Ray White Hillcrest.


That digital space Mr Fellegvari is referring to here, is the brief moments when a buyer is searching for houses online and is seeking as much information about each property as possible. A 3D Virtual Tour by Augment Space allows viewers to explore the property with more detail and coverage than photos could ever provide.


Marco also praised the far-reaching potential of the platform. “We’ve had a few clients that have come through our 3D medium and purchased the property that have been from Sydney, or from interstate, or overseas.”


A 3D Virtual Tour offers those viewers inspecting listings from far away, often too far to attend an open inspection, a realistic chance of finding their dream home.


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