3D Virtual Tour Innovator Spotlight: Dave Stockbridge


Virtual tours have quickly become the new standard in real estate marketing, with various businesses around the world offering their own types and versions. So, when the features are compared, which option is worth your time? After comparing available options on the market, Dave Stockbridge, Director and Agent of REAL Estate Agents Group in Australia, tells us:

“I’d experimented with similar technologies previously, and hadn’t found a way to be able to bring that product to market in an inexpensive and user-friendly manner.”

Dave Stockbridge has been in the real estate market for over 20 years, and has quickly adopted 3D Virtual Tours by Augment Space for his real estate marketing strategy. In fact, Dave offers Augment Space 3D Virtual Tours for every single listing he publishes. The results so far have been quite favourable as well.

“by and large, the user experience has been amazing, the feedback has been terrific, people have really warmed to the technology because of its user-friendly nature.”

Augment Space offers a competitive and effective marketing strategy for real estate agents and vendors who are selling or renting properties, and Dave is certainly confident that Augment Space is a strong supplier for virtual tours!


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