timer Create instant virtuality

From just images to a fully-interactive virtual tour in just 2 minutes. Create an instant virtuality with 3 clicks of your mouse, type in a name and you're ready to share. It's fast and easy.

code No coding needed

We love coding, that's why we made sure you wouldn't have to do any! Every feature on the platform has a simple UI that anyone can work with.

contact_phone Add project contacts

You can add individuals to your projects and their details will show up in the final virtuality.

grid_on Connect with hotspots

Simulate seamless motion from one location to the next with hotspots. It's not complex, just point and double click!

info Add info hotspots

Adding information to your spaces is easy with the creator. You can also add videos and images.

add_box Add floor plans & maps

You can easily add multiple floor plans or maps and then add highlighters on them to signify certain spaces.

ondemand_video Embed videos

Want to tag an object in a virtuality and add a video for it? Go ahead, the functionality is built into the info hotspots tool.

lock Private projects

Concerned about the privacy of a project? All you have to do is mark it as private and nobody but your collaborators can see it.

data_usage Analytics built in

We know data is important, that's why we built our analytics platform from the ground up. Now you can see how people are interacting with your spaces like never before.

screen_share Create tracked shares

Send out tracked shares to individuals or groups of people, to track how they're interacting with your project, if they've seen it or not and even which areas they're most interested in.

fullscreen Embed anywhere

Final virtualities can be embeded anywhere. Your website, blogs, social media, business sites, etc. We generate the code, all you have to do is copy.

share Share it with ease

Sharing's good, so we've made it super easy. Just click on the share button and go live.